Iniquitous Exile

I’m tired of setting myself on fire just to keep others warm.
You never cared, not even a damn fuck though I meant no harm.
Even though everything was in Chaos I tell you, I managed to stay calm.
It’s not that I wanted something in return,
but some insight would have been fine.
I think it wasn’t much to ask but who knew I wasn’t even worth your time.

I used to think everything happened for a reason.
I used to think! “Everything happened for a reason!”
But who would have thought Your friendship was just a season…

It changed!
Then everything fell apart like autumn!
A cold winter began and I had to force myself to beLIEve that soon spring would come.
But the damage is done, who will now pick my dead leaves from the bottom!

I tried to gather the shards of me but only ended up cutting myself.
I was sad but more angry! Not because you left,
But because I didn’t knew why…
Just got a fake smile with an abrupt goodbye!

“Tell me why?” A thousand times I did ask!
But you pretended like nothing, you didn’t let go of your mask!
You just stood in silence with your arms tied.
“Thanks!” I said then you never replied.

I was helpless and there was nothing I could do to make things right.
It was like you were giving me paper cuts but still I was losing the fight.
You suffocated me out of existence from your life.
But for what reason? Don’t know what caused this strife.

Well now you are gone. I don’t remember you!
You’re not even a memory just a distant past!
Your memories, I’m afraid to tell you, they didn’t last!
They withered away in the cold winter.
The feelings, well they burnt down to a cinder.

But I still time and again I remember,
that desolate month of November
When I was desperate for a reason,
That still haunts me!



Just another guy who wants to make world a better place!

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Aashish Manandhar

Aashish Manandhar


Just another guy who wants to make world a better place!